Paint Restoration (Cutting & Polishing)

Paint Restoration Compounding & Polishing

Your car's paintwork is affected by UV rays, salt residue from winter roads, bird droppings, tree sap and other contaminants which attack your car's surface on a daily basis, leaving it dull and oxidized.

Professional polishing and waxing on a regular basis will keep your car's finish protected, clean and shiny even after 10 or 15 years from new. The polishing process can safely remove fine surface scratches, oxidization (fading) and avoid the onset of corrosion i.e. rust spots

Most people do not understand the differences between claying barring; wet sanding, compounding, polishing and waxing a car's paintwork. So what is compounding, polishing, paint rejuvination, paint resoration, cut and polish and paint protection?

Compounding is basically a term for using a cutting compound/paste to remove the fine scratches, or to cut out surface scratches and extensive hazing and swirl marks.

Polishing is a very broad term which can mean any of the various methods and techniques that are required to restore paintwork.

Paint rejuventaion, restoration and paint correction are basically the same. This is a term we use when the paintwork is oxidized, faded and heavily scratched which will need at least 3 stages of compounding, polishing and waxing performed.

Cut and polish is a process which is used to remove surface scratches, light oxidization and swirl/haze marks.

All vehicles require a Full Exterior Wash

  • Followed by a clay bar treamnent to remove all brake dust, dust fallout, tar and all other clear coat contaminant
  • All vehicles are hand dried
  • All moldings and plastics masked and prepped

CLASSIC 3 and 1 Cut, Polish and Finish

  • Cars & Trucks$300 - $400
  • Vans & SUVs$350 - $450
  • Stage Cutting & Wet Sanding$95 per Hour